Monday, September 9, 2013

Self "Re-minding"

The mind and consciousness are probably the biggest enigma that the human race has ever faced.
We can ask questions, examine and philosophize, but it is more likely that we will never completely understand this phenomenon.

But although we are aware of its importance for us (obviously) and its unique structure and "methods", it seems that we forget that it is nothing but another organ. A very developed and essential one, but still an organ. And as one, we need to give it the respect and care it deserves - both mental and physical.

We need to remember to let it rest, to take breaks when working hard and to "gaze at the air" every now and then.
But on the other hand, we need to "feed" it with knowledge, and challenge it. For if we don't, it will slowly become numb. (Not mentioning the philosophical idea of gaining as much knowledge as possible in order to be a better being and understand the world better (=both society and cosmos)).

The idea of meditation is brilliant in my opinion. It is the only time we really try to understand our mind. To put it first- before our need to learn or to amuse ourselves. And as the "Sitting Meditation" reading suggests - it is not a complicated thing to do.
The main problem with this process is having the effort and will to stop the world; having the understanding that it is essential.
As I see it, it's like therapy - If only we could stop everything for one hour once/twice a week, and speak loudly to ourselves, about our problems and thoughts and desires, therapy would have a much smaller part in our world. If we could be honest to ourselves more often, and accept ourselves and our needs, without trying to suppress them (for many different reasons), our lives would be much better.

Understanding our minds better, will allow us to understand the world better, what makes us what we are, and what makes dogs or trees, and our need of religion and culture, etc.

All of this combine to my belief that we only use our "woks" as much as we allow them, whether intentionally or unintentionally. In order to really use our different optional ways of thinking, we need to understand our point of view. Then we have to devote ourself to the learning process on a daily basis. We can only do it this way.

It's like that saying - that you cannot really love someone if you don't love yourself. My home-class teacher told me this when I was a Junior in high school, about 8 years ago. I didn't agree with him then. But I do now. This understanding was a big part of my journey to get to know myself better, and it allowed me to live much more easily, and to understand others much better.

Now I know that when ever I feel lost, I have the capability of seeking deep and understand what's wrong. And it all starts with a simple self-"Re-minding".

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