Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My lenses

Basically I see the world as something that is too big to be understandable.
My conception of what the world means or what it means to "be", has changed a lot over the last couple of years, since I started asking questions that I had never asked before.
At the end of the day I try to do whatever I can to learn as much as I can about myself and about as many aspects of the world as I can.

I can say that on the "SSC" scale I think that the "Self" represents all human beings, the "Society" represents earth, and the "Cosmos" represents all that exists.
The cosmos is not a part of our lives, but we are apart of it. We got here only due to coincidence. The same coincidence that moves our world at any given moment.

I wish it was easy for me to accept it and see the world as a natural place where things come and go, and last as much as they last.
But unfortunately, this understanding of the mysterious cosmos only leads me to despair.

As an artist and an "asker"(my name for an aspiring philosopher) I fight every day for my right to know more. I know that I will never really know a thing, but I cannot stop from trying to. It's a basic need for me as breathing and eating, and I think most of the students in our school can relate to that.

I use art(mostly film and music) to explore myself as a part of the world I live in.
I use art to comfort myself and make me feel.
I wish that my art would make as many people as possible feel something- pleasure or pain. Because I believe that feeling is the one thing that makes us "exist" the most. We are better people when we feel, and even better when we try to understand what we're feeling.

Most people are not capable of taking there masks off anymore. I know it's difficult for me most of the time. But as honest as we are, the better we are, the more we know and the more we exist in this world.

And since our time as a part of the cosmos is so limited, it is important that we try to be honest and feel, so we would make our experience in this world, and the experience of our surroundings, much more fulfilling.

First class, first post

"Self, Society and Cosmos"- Probably the most ambiguous name for a class. It contains everything, therefore doesn't really contain anything. It can go anywhere and relate to anything, and that might be the reason it could be one of the most interesting classes I will ever have taken here.

Most of the first class we had, was a conversation between the students. Each one of us talked about his/her summer vacation. Some said more and some less. Some asked questions, some pondered to themselves. Some learned something, some taught.
When the class is based on a personal conversation, it must be a better studying environment. Instead of just reading and accepting new information, we have the opportunity of "negotiating"- asking questions in order to have a better understanding, and also influencing on the way others see or think of different things.
It is a great platform for us to understand different points of view on life.

In addition, the conversations are personal, as mentioned, since the subject of the class is personal. It has to be- No conversation about the Cosmos, could be held without being based on one(or more) society, and no conversation about any society, could be held without being based on a subjective consciousness of one "self." And in this class we start all of our conversations, as well as our final project from the "self," from the basic "selfish" point of view on life, through the "society", the understanding of our surroundings and similar beings, to the "Cosmos", our big projects in which we try to use our knowledge to understand our connection to the world.

I hope that by sharing our thoughts and emotions with each other, we could find our own personal way of experiencing this class, that would allow us to have a better grasp of this interesting broad (yet personal) subject.